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Marin Janitorial offers five core services: commercial cleaning, window cleaning, post-construction or renovation cleaning, power washing (rinse and brighten), and roof, gutters and downspouts cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning

Our encompassing janitorial services cover both communal and personal areas in the work place. It includes sanitizing, disinfecting and deodorizing bathrooms, kitchens and other spaces in the work environment that require continuous upkeep. Replenishing paper, soap and other needed products is also part of our commercial cleaning service, with the option for us to provide the products.

Hard surfaced floors are wet mopped and recycled items and trash are disposed of as directed. Office cleaning includes a thorough wipe down of light fixtures, baseboards, switch plates, door handles, ledges, sills, shelving and cleaning kitchen appliances.

Commercial environments usually contain multiple surfaces that need special or industrial care, especially with high traffic. Our cleaning services use appropriate products and techniques for these areas, including stainless steel, carpet, finished brick, slate and concrete.

Window cleaning

Marin Janitorial cleans all selected glass, including all associated frames, tracks, sills, mirrors, wind barriers and other glass partitions.

For regular cleaning jobs, we use non-abrasive, quality tools and products to safeguard windows. It includes the cleaning of plexiglass skylights which have a very sensitive surface and scratch very easily. We use the softest materials available for such cleaning and will exercise utmost care.

We also master the techniques and own the best products for deep cleaning of mineral deposits and hardened materials. Marin Janitorial is ready to complete any window and glass cleaning job.

Post-construction or renovation cleaning

Marin Janitorial offers the right post-construction or renovation cleaning, whether you are a contractor finishing a job, a manager handling a cleaning project or the owner ready to sit back and enjoy your new place.

With decades of experience, our team follows a specific checklist, combined with your requirements, to ensure your new space is in pristine state by the time we make it ready for you.

Our services include: vacuum carpets and upholstery, wipe down hard surfaces, clean air vents, dust-off ceiling fans, fixtures, shades, electronics, appliances, decorative items and much more.

Power washing (Rinse and Brighten)

Equally important to performing a superb power washing job is to identify when power washing should NOT be done.

Trust Marin Janitorial to provide an honest assessment of the ideal pressure washing job to be performed, as well as an affordable quote based on our recommendation and your needs.

Avoid the risk of water infiltration, paint peeling off, or bubbles to be created or burst by pressured water. Let us rinse and brighten the right areas the correct way.

Roof, gutterS and downspouts cleaning

Avoid hefty bills due to water damage caused by clogged rain gutters, water downspouts and dirty roofs with loose debris!

The team of professionals at Marin Janitorial is highly trained and possesses the correct equipment to perform a much-needed seasonal roof, gutters and downspouts cleaning job. We ensure your property is ready for the upcoming rainy season and warn you of possible issues that should be repaired before a damage happens.

We are committed to helping you ensure your roof, gutters and downspouts are clear and functioning properly.

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