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Serving Marin and San Francisco since 1980


Marin Janitorial has become one of the leading cleaning businesses in Marin County. For over 40 years, this family-owned and operated business has been committed to exceeding the expectations of its clients. Let Marin Janitorial help you with your cleaning project today!

Rely on a trustworthy, affordable and knowledgeable team dedicated to your cleaning projects and satisfaction. Count on Marin Janitorial from project quotation to completion. Contact us for a free consultation.
3 as 1
Benefit from the experience of three businesses combined. Pacific Window Cleaning & Janitorial provides core cleaning services. delivers a novel structure to facilitate quotations and ease red tape, lowering our prices. Marin Janitorial brings the best of all three – all the services provided, with quality you expect and the level of customer service you deserve.
Highly skilled and trustworthy team
Many members of our staff have been with the company for decades. They are constantly trained; they are trustworthy and they fully understand the importance of customer satisfaction. Their long tenures foster an environment based on comradery, professionalism and commitment to excellence.
Your needs, our priority
Let us be your cleaning professionals and take care of all your cleaning needs. Visit our Services Offered section below and contact us to provide a quote or to schedule service to handle any of your cleaning needs. Check our Testimonials section to discover how satisfied others are with our services.

Services offered

Marin Janitorial offers five main services: commercial cleaning, window cleaning, post-construction or renovation cleaning, power washing (rinse and brighten), and roof, gutters and downspouts cleaning.

commercial cleaning

Our flagship service. At Marin Janitorial, we understand the importance of catering our cleaning style to meet your various requests. From presenting ourselves professionally to special attention to every detail at the job site. We respect your confidentiality and our janitors are mindful to keep disturbance at a minimum.

Window cleaning

Nobody likes dirty glass! And we know how to clean them best. Count on Marin Janitorial for a regular cleaning using non-abrasive tools & materials, or for a special cleaning of mineral deposits and hardened materials. We are trained to complete any window or glass cleaning job with excellence.

or renovation cleaning

Trust the post-construction or renovation cleaning marathon to us. With years of experience working with various contractors and homeowners, we know how to leave your property spotless. Enjoy a clean and dust-free environment for a price you can afford, with the piece of mind you expect.

Power washing
(Rinse and Brighten)

Say goodbye to stubborn algae, mold, mildew and dirt from building sidings, walkways, decks, patios and driveways. We have a team of professionals trained to wash all we can while avoiding water infiltration. That is one of the reasons why we call our pressure washing service "rinse and brighten".

Roof, gutters and
downspouts cleaning

Don’t let water damage due to standing water on your roof or gutters cost you thousands. Our affordable cleaning service removes storm debris, leaves and many other kinds of foreign matter from your roof, gutters and downspouts. We are also committed to do our best helping you identify issues with your roof water drainage system.


Coverage Area

Marin Janitorial services Central and Southern Marin, as well as parts of San Francisco. Rather than covering a larger geographical area, Marin Janitorial focuses on jobs which are closer to its headquarters, providing better and responsive customer service.

Request a Quote

We don’t offer quotes without seeing the job site, but any initial on-site consultation we may make will be free of charge.